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We combine current voice science with traditional approaches to maximize your results. Cardon Voice’s talented teachers, led by Kate Cardon, meet students wherever they are on their journey, customizing instruction to help each student meet and surpass their goals.

Private Voice Lessons

Personalized Vocal Coaching

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Personalized Private Singing Lessons

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Cardon Voice provides practical voice training for all styles of vocal music.

  • Contemporary and Commercial Voice (all microphone styles)
  • Classical and Operatic Vocal Performance 
  • Musical Theatre Singing and Acting

Your live, private voice lessons are held one-on-one with your teacher over Zoom. Private lessons are completely customized to you, your goals, and your vocal needs to help you build confidence and true ownership over your voice through your full range. 

Cardon Voice teachers utilize evidence-based voice science and modern vocal techniques to ensure efficient progress and vocal health for longevity.

Unique Vocal Coaching


Cardon Voice provides Vocal Coaching in an easy-to-use recorded format. Now you can receive customized feedback, insights, and advice at your convenience!

Whether you choose to submit for recorded vocal coaching only once in a while, or as part of your comprehensive Cardon Voice membership, you’re sure to value this unique offering. Build comfort and skill in performing, while sharpening your vocal skills, too. Recorded Vocal Coaching contains feedback and practice tips that you can apply immediately!


Receive reinforcement & improve vocal skill


Review teacher feedback as many times as needed

Submit recordings around your own schedule

Access your private archive of teacher feedback from any device



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The Comprehensive Package for your Vocal Success

Singing well requires coordination and mastery throughout your full range, but that’s not all. Successful singers also develop performance skills, musical expression, and stylistic artistry. Let us help you build the total package!

By combining live, private voice lessons with performance practice through our unique Vocal Coaching and live Member Events, Cardon Voice helps you touch on every element of your vocal journey. What’s more, we’ll meet you wherever you are and help you identify the steps you need to focus on to meet your full vocal potential.

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Wherever you are on your vocal journey, we want to inspire you to learn about music and experience how simple tweaks to your current routine can improve your vocal performance whether just in the shower and live on the stage. Our courses can help you get there!

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About Cardon Voice

Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience serving students in Washington, DC and beyond.

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