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The Cardon Difference

Cardon Voice is designed for the busy modern singing student. We believe that living your life shouldn’t stand in the way of pursuing your dream, so we’ve designed a platform that makes online learning both effective and remarkably flexible. Read on to learn about our unique approaches to helping you fit singing into your life!


Why Learning with Cardon is a Cut Above

Your Cardon membership makes learning to sing:

Convenient and Flexible
Easy to Track Progress
Style Specific
Gain Performing Experience
Focused on Technique
Supported by Personal Connection

One-on-One Live Lessons

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Tailored to You and Your Style

the right technique for every style

We provide Style-specific voice training in singing for all styles: Classical, Broadway, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and R&B (and all the subgenres therein). Each style has its own unique demands for breath management, support, diction and phrasing, use of vibrato, and other vocal effects. These different skills require different training; rest assured your Cardon Voice teacher will know what you need.

functional voice training for every singer

Helping your voice to function seamlessly throughout your range, and helping open your awareness to different vocal colors and choices is crucial to enabling you to feel true ownership over your voice and your expression. Always with an eye toward vocal health and wellness, we utilize exercises and techniques inspired by classical foundations where appropriate, while also drawing from modern approaches such as the Neuro-Vocal method, Somatic Voicework, and others, as indicated by each individual student’s needs.

We keep it simple.
Cardon Voice helps unveil the abstract mysteries of singing with simple, clear language. Read Kate’s Articles about Singing.

Quality & Consistency

experienced teachers, versatile performers

When you study with Cardon Voice, you gain the benefit of accessing our entire talented team, and the confidence that you will be fully supported wherever your singing journey takes you. Stick with one primary teacher, or explore perspectives from our team of skilled singers.

reliable company standards and training

Cardon Voice provides quality control and oversight to ensure reliably high standards from your teachers. Not only are you learning from industry experts, but our teachers are supported with training and resources to help them do their job well so that you can expect a high level of instruction and a consistent experience across the board.

Trusted Since 2008

With over a decade of experience teaching singers of all ages, styles, and abilities, Cardon Voice is ready to meet you where you are with tools to guide your success.
Read Our Company History here.

Designed for Your Busy Life

easy self-scheduling and flexible policies

You’re a singer, but you’re so much more, too! We know that singing may not be your primary focus every minute of every day, and that’s OK. We’ve designed a flexible system that helps you make the most of the time you have available each week.

Submit a video for Coaching any time, day or night (great for those busy weeks when a full lesson just doesn’t fit in) and receive your teacher’s personalized tips and feedback straight to your inbox. Book your Lesson appointments up to a month in advance to help prioritize your sessions; easily reschedule up to 24 hours in advance. Membership is month-to-month, and we’ve made it easy to pause or cancel.

work smarter, not harder

If you’ve found it hard to stick to a singing practice in the past, you’ll love your new Practice Plan! This personal video library conveniently saves your full history of recorded Lessons and Coachings (plus any additional exercise videos your teacher decides to assign you), so that you can stay focused on the specific skills your teacher wants you to target. Simply login to your account each time you practice singing to reference your videos and easily stay on track with your goals.


Easy self-scheduling, plus you can submit for Coaching after hours! Make the most of your time by working smarter.

What our students say about us.

A Holistic Approach

we teach the whole singer

You are more than just your voice. We help you cultivate your body awareness, breath control, musicianship, artistry, and a healthy performance mindset. Cardon Voice is a safe, supportive community for all voice users, inclusive of all genders, races, abilities, and creeds. Our teachers are supportive and nurturing to help you build confidence in your new skills.

We teach the whole subject

Learning to sing is so much more than just vocal technique! Our memberships are designed to provide important exposure to vocal technique, musicianship, performance skills, stage presence, and more. Our goal is to help you become the total package, a well-rounded and marketable singer!


Mix-and-match Lessons and Coaching to explore every element: Voice Technique, Breath Control, Stage Presence, Musical Interpretation, and more.

Learn about our Online Events.

Manage Your Success

Our easy to use system makes it simple. Always know how many credits you have available, easily add more as needed, and mix-and-match Lessons and Coaching to make the membership that best fits you, your schedule, and your learning pace.

Personal Login

Secure, private access to your personal account for scheduling and your video history of lessons and coachings.


Your Student Account is straight-forward and easy to use. Redeem credits for Coachings or Lessons however/whenever you like!

Track Your Progress

Your Practice Plan helps keep you focused on your specific vocal targets, and lets you watch your progress evolve!

Get To Know
Cardon Voice

a new online chapter of Cardon Studios

Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience serving students across the US and Canada

We'll let our five-star reviews do the talking!

rachel horowitz
I have had such a great experience with Cardon Studios! I have learned so much, and really appreciate how flexible they have been with my scheduling and goals. Allen is an amazing teacher! Highly recommend.
Sarah Rupani
super helpful and very patient! kate has a great attitude and you can tell how passionate she is about what she does.
Tanya Paperny
Loved working with Allen on voice lessons: good vocal warm up activities, friendly and low-key demeanor. Plenty of opportunities for performance or master classes for those interested. Easy to schedule regular appointments.
Will M.
I have vocal lessons with Allen weekly. Very professional and helpful. Though I was nervous at first, the environment created made it easy to relax and grow...
Kofi A.
What can I say about this great place besides book your lessons now!! After completing my first community theater musical I got bit by the singing bug and...
Kish Rusek
At Cardon Studios, I learned how to sing Italian arias from the 18th and 19th centuries under the tutelage of a professional, highly skilled, knowledgeable, patient instructor. I also received instruction on how to hone performance skills. I am so... grateful and appreciative of all the teachers and the management at Cardon Studios for welcoming me to a larger community of DC musicians. If you're seeking a fun time or a deeper learning experience - or both simultaneously - this is your music school!read more
Marcus Bell
Please Review-These sessions with Tanya have been unreal, amazing, interactive and full of utter knowledge and discovery! When I started my sessions I felt like I had serious issues with my voice like vocal nodules or I popped a chord due to the... last coach. However, Tanya changed and Continues to change my way of thinking about music and overall knowledge base with her enchanting voice, intelligence, uncanny metaphors and sense of humor. I started with her having doubts and not knowing why my voice was wobbly as the game Tumble and why I couldnt project if my life depended on. It is now going on Lesson 6 and she has done the following to me-1. Gotten my voice to become even with Vibrato in most registers2. I Speak and Sing with Support and in Full Voice3. Has My Air and Breathing Flowing4. Sing on Rythm5. Can Sing down to F#2!Additionally, she is doing some wonderful things to my Tenor voice-1. It is Lesson 6 and I am Already Practicing in Tenor High C in Full Voice!!!!(Hold Your Appause until the End)2. I am trying to do singing Full Time/Professionally so with rehearsing my Voc Lessons and performing a Song- My Coworker put me in contact with a MusicPR!!!!(Wait There's More)3. I am a Mutant/Freak of Nature-I was listening to Mariah Carey Dream Lover and I produced a C7(The Introduction Note) and as I told Tanya that none of Me but her vocal lessons. I just got so excited whIle practing and then turned on Pandora and I heard that song and just did it! Tanya stated she will assist me in developing this extremity of my voice which makes me adore and want to continue to learn and be guided by her even more. She's amazing!So with all this being stated-Take a bow Tanya! You deserve it!!!read more
Erin Cornette
I fancy myself somewhat of a vocalist, having participated in state level audition choirs, singing through college in school choirs, and aceing solo and ensembles. Even with years of 'choral' instruction under my belt, I received excellent... instruction from Seana. In addition to being an excellent instructor, she's also incredibly nice. If you're interested in voice lessons, I highly recommend Cardon more
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Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience helping aspiring musicians reach their goals.

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