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Cardon Voice founder, Kate Cardon, has been teaching singing for over a decade and is thrilled to be your guide on your singing journey. All incoming students meet with Kate to discuss their goals and needs. With her skills as a voice technician, Kate provides assessment and suggestions for each student as they begin their studies. From there, students may opt to study with any available instructor including Kate.


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Hand selected and trained by Kate, all Cardon Voice teachers are:

US-Based Top Musical Talent
Clear Communicators
High Level Musical Training
Experienced Performers
Effective Voice Technicians
Supportive and Compassionate

Enjoy learning from our team of expert instructors from all major genres of music, including educators who specialize in working with students of different age groups. 

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Kate Cardon

A versatile singer and communicator, Kate Cardon has spent the last decade honing her teaching style and studying all styles of vocal music, from Classical and Broadway to Jazz, Pop, Rock, and R&B.

After completing her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance, a degree largely focused on Classical and Operatic singing, Kate sought out and completed additional education in voice science and technical skills for contemporary and commercial styles of singing from respected institutions, including Westminster Choir College, Shenandoah Conservatory, and the Berklee School of Music.

Kate is also a certified practitioner of the Neuro-Vocal method, a voice methodology based on a modern understanding of brain science and motor learning, and also applies principles of the LoVetri Method: Somatic Voicework in her teaching..

Whether teaching a classroom of students or one-on-one private lessons, Kate connects with students where they are, assessing their needs and helping them reach their personal goals, small or large. 

Experienced Performer & Teacher

Company History

In 2008, Kate founded Cardon Studios in Washington, D.C., and continues to maintain a high quality of instruction by overseeing a staff of excellent teachers. No longer residing in the D.C. area, Kate is thrilled to expand her reach by offering online lessons via Zoom with the Cardon Voice community worldwide.
Having worked with a diverse student set of varying ages and backgrounds, Kate is ready and eager to help you reach your goals – from impressing your friends at Karaoke night to gaining admission into prestigious university music programs, and to launching a professional recording career.

Schedule a free introductory consultation with Kate to assess your needs and learn how we can help!

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Cardon Voice

a new online chapter of Cardon Studios

Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience serving students in Washington, DC.

We'll let our five-star reviews do the talking!

rachel horowitz
rachel horowitz
00:00 30 Nov 22
I have had such a great experience with Cardon Studios! I have learned so much, and really appreciate how flexible they have been with my scheduling and goals. Allen is an amazing teacher! Highly recommend.
Sarah Rupani
Sarah Rupani
19:01 01 Nov 22
super helpful and very patient! kate has a great attitude and you can tell how passionate she is about what she does.
Tanya Paperny
Tanya Paperny
22:17 30 Nov 21
Loved working with Allen on voice lessons: good vocal warm up activities, friendly and low-key demeanor. Plenty of opportunities for performance or master classes for those interested. Easy to schedule regular appointments.
Donald Inniss
Donald Inniss
23:28 12 Nov 21
I recommend the excellent teachers and the classes and feedback that they give.
Kofi A.
Kofi A.
13:48 14 Jul 19
What can I say about this great place besides book your lessons now!! After completing my first community theater musical I got bit by the singing bug and...
Kish Rusek
Kish Rusek
19:26 09 Apr 19
At Cardon Studios, I learned how to sing Italian arias from the 18th and 19th centuries under the tutelage of a professional, highly skilled, knowledgeable, patient instructor. I also received instruction on how to hone performance skills. I am so... grateful and appreciative of all the teachers and the management at Cardon Studios for welcoming me to a larger community of DC musicians. If you're seeking a fun time or a deeper learning experience - or both simultaneously - this is your music school!read more
Mattia D'Affuso
Mattia D'Affuso
02:00 26 Oct 16
Daniel Noone
Daniel Noone
13:16 19 Sep 15
Marcus Bell
Marcus Bell
01:02 11 Aug 15
Please Review-These sessions with Tanya have been unreal, amazing, interactive and full of utter knowledge and discovery! When I started my sessions I felt like I had serious issues with my voice like vocal nodules or I popped a chord due to the... last coach. However, Tanya changed and Continues to change my way of thinking about music and overall knowledge base with her enchanting voice, intelligence, uncanny metaphors and sense of humor. I started with her having doubts and not knowing why my voice was wobbly as the game Tumble and why I couldnt project if my life depended on. It is now going on Lesson 6 and she has done the following to me-1. Gotten my voice to become even with Vibrato in most registers2. I Speak and Sing with Support and in Full Voice3. Has My Air and Breathing Flowing4. Sing on Rythm5. Can Sing down to F#2!Additionally, she is doing some wonderful things to my Tenor voice-1. It is Lesson 6 and I am Already Practicing in Tenor High C in Full Voice!!!!(Hold Your Appause until the End)2. I am trying to do singing Full Time/Professionally so with rehearsing my Voc Lessons and performing a Song- My Coworker put me in contact with a MusicPR!!!!(Wait There's More)3. I am a Mutant/Freak of Nature-I was listening to Mariah Carey Dream Lover and I produced a C7(The Introduction Note) and as I told Tanya that none of Me but her vocal lessons. I just got so excited whIle practing and then turned on Pandora and I heard that song and just did it! Tanya stated she will assist me in developing this extremity of my voice which makes me adore and want to continue to learn and be guided by her even more. She's amazing!So with all this being stated-Take a bow Tanya! You deserve it!!!read more
Erin Cornette
Erin Cornette
19:50 09 Apr 15
I fancy myself somewhat of a vocalist, having participated in state level audition choirs, singing through college in school choirs, and aceing solo and ensembles. Even with years of 'choral' instruction under my belt, I received excellent... instruction from Seana. In addition to being an excellent instructor, she's also incredibly nice. If you're interested in voice lessons, I highly recommend Cardon more
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Allen Thompson, MM

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Darnell Roulhac, MM

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Natalia Bogdanova

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Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience helping aspiring musicians reach their goals.

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