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Thanks for your interest in working with me! I’m always on the lookout for awesome singers, teachers, and coaches to collaborate with.
-Kate Cardon

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Teaching Online is easy, fun, and effective– especially when you’re working with a modern company who respects your time and expertise. Work smarter, not harder, and make a difference in the lives of students of all types.

Here are some reasons why teaching with us is a rewarding experience:

Cardon Voice teachers set their own schedules.

We believe that all students have the capacity for growth...and that all teachers do, too! Training and Support provided.

We utilize easy-to-use Zoom for live sessions, and provide articles and videos to enhance your teaching!

Clear standards and Technology requirements make it easy to ensure you're providing a service you can be proud of.

Cardon Studios
Based on 16 Reviews
Jeremy T.
Jeremy T.
2021-03-18 17:22:54
I took singing lessons with Allen for over a year. he's a great teacher! He's friendly, encouraging, and always willing to explain concepts and answer... read more
Will M.
Will M.
2020-03-02 18:20:18
I have vocal lessons with Allen weekly. Very professional and helpful. Though I was nervous at first, the environment created made it easy to relax and grow... read more
Jess F.
Jess F.
2019-08-22 10:17:41
Alright. This has been a journey. My most recent teacher, Francisco, is great. He is an incredible musician and a patient teacher - he helped me figure out... read more
Kofi A.
Kofi A.
2019-07-14 13:48:51
What can I say about this great place besides book your lessons now!! After completing my first community theater musical I got bit by the singing bug and... read more
Yoyd N.
Yoyd N.
2016-09-28 12:12:32
A great blend of music theory, practice, clear explanation, and simple teaching methods to understand how to play bass. I'd played a little in the past,... read more

Dedicated Teachers = Happy Students

Seeking Inspiring Instructors

Cardon Voice teachers are passionate instructors who love to share their wisdom and inspiration with the next generation of great singers.

We maintain high vocal standards and innovative, modern operations to stay at the cutting edge of music education and provide an exceptional value for students across the country.


About Cardon Voice

Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience helping aspiring musicians reach their goals.

Become a Cardon Voice student by choosing a flexible, month-to-month membership. Let's take your singing to the next level!

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