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Member Policies

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Membership Renews Every 28 Days

Your membership will remain active and process renewal payments automatically (failed payments will be reattempted daily). To pause or cancel your membership payments, please visit your Account Management page with 15 days’ notice before your next Renewal.

Redeem Membership Credits within Renewal Period

Your membership credits are valid for the four week period of each renewal. Because we cannot guarantee teacher availability beyond our expected enrollment, your credits may not be redeemed outside of your current renewal period. Please plan ahead to make use of your membership’s full value!

Consent to Recording

Participation in online sessions indicates student consent to being recorded. Recordings are periodically monitored by staff for quality control. If you do not wish to provide your consent to be recorded, please notify Cardon Voice in writing.

Additional Charges beyond Base Membership Fees

Your membership entitles you to redeem a set number of credits over each renewal period. If you book sessions which exceed your allotted credits, you accept financial responsibility for the additional credits and will be billed automatically. See for current pricing.

Cancel or Reschedule with 24 hours' Notice

Your teacher’s time is valuable; requests to cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours’ notice cannot be accommodated. Help us plan ahead and don’t lose your membership credit! For cancellations or changes within the 24 hour window, we appreciate your efforts to notify us.

Members Only Access to Coaching and Video Recordings

At the termination of your enrollment with Cardon Voice, you will lose access to your past Coachings and any assigned Videos. Please respect copyright law and do not save or distribute these recordings without written consent from Cardon Voice.

Privacy Requirements

Members Only Events are a safe space for your fellow singers to take risks. Especially for those events which are not shared publicly, please do not record or distribute. If you choose to share a public event in social media, we appreciate you tagging Cardon Voice!

Student Responsibilities

By enrolling in membership with Cardon Voice, students accept the responsibility to adhere to these policies. Appointment lengths may not be modified once booked, except in keeping with our cancellation policies.

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Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience helping aspiring musicians reach their goals.

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