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Sarah Behnke

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Sarah has been a Cardon Voice teacher since 2023.

Now Accepting New Students! Ages 10+.

Sarah Behnke is a crossover singer, who enjoys performing and teaching a wide array of different styles. From Classical to Pop/Rock to Jazz and more, Sarah is flexible and authentic across genres of vocal repertoire. Sarah’s favorite performance experiences include being a featured soloist with the Susquehanna Regional Choral of Central Pennsylvania, furthering her knowledge of and love for voice science as a certified student and participant in Blaylock Vocal Method research seminars, and a performing as a Young Artist with the Broadway Actors Alliance in Manhattan, New York.
Sarah is also a songwriter, currently in the process of writing, recording, and releasing her first EP. Some of her strongest musical influences are Phoebe Bridgers, Joan Baez, Hozier, and Barbra Streisand.
Through her years of collegiate voice study and performing, Sarah has developed a profound passion for fostering inclusive learning environments and empowering students to discover and nurture their unique voices based on their individual strengths. She is dedicated to creating an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages students from all backgrounds and skill levels to pursue their love for singing. From beginners through emerging professionals, Sarah’s singing students receive encouragement, inspiration, and insights to enliven their singing success.

Working with Sarah

Student Feedback

Sarah is always so thorough with addressing any questions or struggles I have during lessons without any judgement! Her approach makes every lesson fun and enjoyable, but still challenging in a way the encourages me to keep working. I have only been taking with her for three months and have already seen big results! She’s super chill, and her pep talks give me life. Highly recommend!

-Anna L., Musical Theatre / Pop singer

I started taking lessons with Sarah shortly after I had surgery that led to some difficulty with my singing voice. I sing in my church gospel choir and found it hard to keep doing what I love to do. Not only was she incredibly compassionate and sensitive, she also explained each vocal exercise to me so I could understand exactly what we were working on and improving. She takes her time explaining the science behind our work in a way that was understandable to me. Since taking with Sarah, my vocal stamina and agility has improved so much. I can sing in choir and through rehearsals again!

-Paula G, Gospel and R&B singer

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