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What Can You Expect from Voice Lessons?

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Voice | 0 comments

A knowledgeable resource to answer all your singing questions. Personalized technical exercises to address your weaknesses, expand your range, and create a more expressive vocal palette to draw from. Explanations tailored to your learning style and based in Fact-based Voice Science. Song coaching to amplify your strengths. Feedback to bring out your most compelling performances. Audition prep and stage fright counseling. Even Vocal Anatomy and Music Theory, per your interests, and the list goes on!

Voice Lessons can be the holy grail you’ve been looking for. Receiving instruction on how to apply the more technical ideas you’ve read about, and having that instruction specifically tailored to you, your perception, and your voice? Game changer. Most new singing students find lessons to be the missing link to help connect the dots in their understanding and embodiment of singing. Voice teachers know that singing, as abstract as it is, can be an overwhelming thing to tackle on your own; we untangle the logic knots you may have tied yourself in and present these ideas in manageable chunks when you’re ready to take in the next kernel of wisdom.

However, although voice lessons may be just what you need, don’t be deceived that lessons are a magic cure. Ultimately, you will get out of voice lessons what you put in. You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Practice makes Perfect”. But, we prefer: Practice makes Permanent. Of course, old habits can be overridden, but that will take mindful and consistent repetition. Change is attained much more quickly by singers who devote themselves to a consistent practice routine between lessons. After all, if you’ve been singing a certain way for your whole life, no matter how much freedom and expressivity your teacher helps guide you to in a lesson, you can’t expect singing in a more efficient way once per week in your lesson to overwrite years of habit.

Ultimately, expect voice lessons to provide a reliable structure for progress. If you devote yourself to the work, you almost can’t fail! But, you’ll need to hold up your end of the deal to see the results you hope for. Be brave and make the commitment to yourself, your music, and your fulfillment. It will be So. Worth. It.

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