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Supplemental Learning for Singers

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Books, Resources

Thanks to the recurring request from our AMAZING students (you over-acheivers, you!), please find the following suggested reading list, a compilation of our favorite voice science and/or pedagogy books to help bolster your confidence as a voice-owner and user. These tools are wonderful side-bars to the work you’re already doing in lessons under your teacher’s guidance. Do feel free to ask questions in lessons about any of the below if you read/hear anything which is worded differently than the phrasing or terminology your teacher usually uses!

Please note that many of these texts are not appropriate for all ages (looking at you, Mom and Dad– choose wisely if shopping for your young singer! Better yet, schedule a Free Consultation to learn more) as some are far more technical than others.

Voice Science and Anatomy

General Singing Technique and Philosophy

Collections of Vocal Exercises

*Note that your voice teacher creates personalized exercises for your specific vocal needs. Remember, an exercise is only as good as its intention is applicable! Sing consciously and with a clear purpose. The following exercises are not going to be universally useful to all voices and should be used with the intention of correcting or enhancing specific elements of your voice (yes, a misused exercises can make things worse). These books are not intended to substitute for the trained ear of your teacher. In other words, the exact approach in any book can never be one-size-fits-all! Book your Free Consultation for more guidance.


Acting and Expression for Singers

Singing Adjacent: Great reads for the ambitious creative!


In a world full of half-truths and just plain bad information about singing, Cardon Voice is your beacon of clarity. We love helping singers focus in on the info that actually matters without crowding your brain with a bunch of fancy factoids that just leave you more confused (and your singing more constricted!). Ready to dig in? Schedule your Free Consultation and let’s get to work unpacking your beautiful voice.

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