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Showcase Finale

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

Let’s sing together! Our finale will be an arrangement of a simple Hebrew folk tune about peace and unity. Singers can choose their own part, and must submit video by December 9th to be part of the virtual choir.

  1. Pick your Part: Shalom Chaverim (range: A3-D5/A2-D4), or Zum Gali Gali (range: A3-A4/A2-A3)
  2. Learn with sheet music and sample recordings (below)
  3. Record video of yourself singing the part– use earbuds to listen to the sample track for timing!
  4. Don’t forget to clap with the sample track to help us sync up the videos!
  5. Upload here by the due date – we’ll do the rest!
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