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Musical Collaboration

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Performance Skills, Voice | 0 comments

Musicians must learn to play well with others! From being pleasant and easy to work with, to reading musical cues and responding accordingly, a musician’s ability to collaborate successfully– in life and in music– will hugely influence their success.

Like any other field, professionalism and courtesy go a long way. Behaving like a ‘diva’ fools no one, but perhaps yourself. Those who are agreeable and willing to find suitable compromises, whether on the set list or a necessary performance component, are most likely to be hired again. Plus, having bandmates who like and respect you both as a person and as a musician will only enhance your ability to make music happen in an organic and inspiring way! (That said, musicians must also have self respect and know when to stand up for themselves over logistical challenges– never compromise your health or safety for a gig. Just don’t make it a habit to refuse inconvenient requests from your client or bandmates; save your pushback for the items that truly matter.)

In music, collaboration has the power to really bring a piece to life. No matter what style of music you are singing or playing, we often talk about interplay between different instruments– sometimes trading off the main melody, soloing, or otherwise taking the lead– and often about contrast– in tempo, dynamics, or other phrasing effects. When playing or singing with someone else, focus on being present in the music as it is happening. By not worrying about yourself or what’s coming up later in the song or in the set, you’ll free up your musical instincts to respond to the way your duet partner or bandmates are interpreting the music. Staying alert and flexible can be key to creating musical moments that make an impact. Trust your artistry and preparation and magic can happen. (Preparation is key!)

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