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Maximize Lesson Quality

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Resources

Just like many other things in life, Online Learning gives back what you put into it. As a singing student, you know that dedicated practice time outside of your lessons matters for the progress you make; similarly, spending a little time to ensure your best possible internet connection will also help you get the most value out of your investment of time and money put into your lessons!

Here are our top tips to maximize your connection quality:

  1. Make sure Zoom is the only application running on your device
  2. Connect to your router with an Ethernet Cable
    • Can’t plug in? Try a wireless signal testing app to find the spot in your home with the strongest wifi signal!
  3. Ensure that no one in your household is using the internet heavily during your lesson time
    • i.e. No online gaming, streaming videos, or large up/downloads, etc.
  4. If using headphones or an external speaker in lessons, choose a wired device over bluetooth (which can add a delay)
  5. Disable HD video; lower quality video signals may be slightly fuzzier but will transmit faster!
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