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Gifts for Singers

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Resources, Uncategorized, Voice

Got a singer on your holiday shopping list? Cardon Voice has assembled our favorite gift ideas for singers of all levels and styles. Here are some great ways to help the singer in your life reach and exceed their musical goals:

  • Beltbox: This ingenious little dampener is a lifesaver for practicing or warming up when you just can’t make that much noise! An apartment dweller’s best friend, also handy for warming up before gigs.
  • Throat Coat Tea: This delicious tea offers a special benefit for singers: the ingredients coat and soothe the throat while also supporting throat health from the inside out! Toss a box in your singer’s stocking for them to enjoy all winter.
  • Sennheiser Headphones: Currently 50% off on Amazon! These headphones from top-of-the-line maker, Sennheiser, offer unparalleled audio clarity and all-day comfort. Importantly, the “Open Back” design lets ambient noise from the room into your ears, helping singers get a more authentic reflection of their sound. Perfect headphones for online learning!
  • The Singing Straw: While it’s true that any old straw will do for singing exercises, your special singer may appreciate having a dedicated tool just for their singing practice!
  • VocalMist Personal Nebulizer: This self-care tool is loved by singers. Though it’s not a necessity in your singer’s toolkit, they’ll love having this quick, soothing treatment to help their voices rest and reset.
  • Breather Voice, breathing strengthener tool: This unique apparatus for singers helps strengthen the many muscles that contribute to breath control to promote greater ease while singing. For the singer who works hard and is ready to level up!
  • Cardon Voice Gift Certificates: Help your favorite singer amplify their strengths and overcome their challenges to find real vocal freedom. With a membership to Cardon Voice, including access to live, private Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching, plus supplemental tools and support, your singer will have everything they need to succeed. And, this holiday season, save 30% off any Cardon Voice Gift Purchase with code GFTBLG.

Happy Holidays to you and yours wherever you are! We hope to make music with you soon.

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