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Video Courses for your Singing Success

Helping you Put all the Pieces Together


These special video course offerings are designed just for you, the independent learner who wants access to more knowledge about singing, not just drills and exercises (though we’ve included those, too!). Take your singing practice further by understanding the inner workings of your body, voice, and music as a whole. Check out these great topics!

Our Comprehensive Learning Library

Sing Smarter

Vocal Engineering for Empowered Singing

This special Hybrid Course will teach you the basics of vocal health and function, and how to troubleshoot things that aren’t working right in your own voice.

  • Eight Weeks
  • Live Classes on Zoom + Recorded Lessons
  • Perform for the Group
  • Personalized Coaching

Become an empowered singer who knows how and why to apply important vocal exercises. Maximum of 8 participants.

Singing Basics

Beginning Your Vocal Journey

If you’re not feeling ready to jump into lessons, this course is for you! Start from square one and build your confidence:

  • Six Video Classes over 28 Days
  • Connecting your Body and Breath
  • How your Voice Works
  • Techniques to Improve Your Sound

Plus, earn a free vocal coaching when you complete the course!

Music Reading for Singers: Basic Music Theory and Communication

Singers can be Musicians, too! Learn basic musical concepts, how to interpret written sheet music, and how to communicate effectively with your bandmates.

Create a Compelling Performance: Stage Presence

Whatever style of music you perform in, stage presence helps to set you apart from the rest! Feel confident and look as good as you sound with this empowering course.

Live Private Voice Lessons

Perfect Your Vocal Technique

Work one-on-one with a teacher, live via Zoom. Voice Lessons focus on physical singing technique, guiding you to sing with comfort and ease, while creating the powerful, expressive sounds you’ve dreamed of.

Personalized Vocal Coaching

Create Amazing Performances

Cardon Voice provides Vocal Coaching feedback on your privately uploaded performance videos. Submit your video and get a teacher’s feedback, complete with practice tips to help you make improvements.

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Based on 16 Reviews
Jeremy T.
Jeremy T.
2021-03-18 17:22:54
I took singing lessons with Allen for over a year. he's a great teacher! He's friendly, encouraging, and always willing to explain concepts and answer... read more
Will M.
Will M.
2020-03-02 18:20:18
I have vocal lessons with Allen weekly. Very professional and helpful. Though I was nervous at first, the environment created made it easy to relax and grow... read more
Jess F.
Jess F.
2019-08-22 10:17:41
Alright. This has been a journey. My most recent teacher, Francisco, is great. He is an incredible musician and a patient teacher - he helped me figure out... read more
Kofi A.
Kofi A.
2019-07-14 13:48:51
What can I say about this great place besides book your lessons now!! After completing my first community theater musical I got bit by the singing bug and... read more
Yoyd N.
Yoyd N.
2016-09-28 12:12:32
A great blend of music theory, practice, clear explanation, and simple teaching methods to understand how to play bass. I'd played a little in the past,... read more

Experienced Pros You Can Rely On

We Are Seasoned Performers, Teachers, and Coaches

Cardon Voice is a new online chapter of Cardon Studios, a trusted company with over ten years of experience serving students face-to-face in Washington, DC. Check out our five star reviews!

Take advantage of our combined decades of experience in performing and teaching by learning from our awesome library of collected knowledge. Or, take the plunge into lessons and coaching! Now is the time to take your singing further.


The Cardon Voice Difference


Online Learning is easy, fun, and effective, especially when you’re taking voice lessons from Cardon Voice!

Here are some reasons why learning with us is an amazingly easy and effective experience:

Cardon Voice teachers are friendly and supportive, and explain complicated key concepts in clear, easy to understand terms.

We believe that all singers have a natural voice, and that playful exploration is key to uncovering your healthiest, most free and powerful sound.

We utilize Zoom for live sessions, and provide a secure Student Account for you to access your Coachings, Courses, Payments, and more!

Your teacher is always just a couple of mouse clicks away!

About Cardon Voice

Cardon Voice offers online voice lessons for students around the world, ages 7 to 99. Cardon Voice is part of the beloved Cardon Studios family, a trusted and widely recommended music school with more than a decade of experience helping aspiring musicians reach their goals.

Become a Cardon Voice student by choosing a flexible, month-to-month membership. Let's take your singing to the next level!

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